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adult competition disabled swimming - Vicious Redhead in a suck off competition

Swimming Competition Fast Facts USA Swimming Clubs each have a Local Swimming Committee (LSC) with a Disability Swimming chair who can be called on to provide information. Paralympic disabled swimmers fall into six categories: Amputee, cerebral palsy, visual impairment, spinal cord injuries, intellectual impairment, and Les Autres. Whether in the pool or far out at sea, knowing how to swim can save a life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3, people unintentionally drowned in the U.S. in An additional people died from boating-related drowning incidents.

Asthma/ swimming for disabled This is caused by the narrowing of the airways resulting in breathlessness and wheezing. Children and adults can suffer from this and it is good idea to find out what kind of medical conditions a person has before you take them swimming so you know what precautions to take. Competition is guided by our National Competition Framework. Swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in any event. We want to promote life-long participation and maintain the social engagement of athletes through club, team and community.

The benefits of swimming is recognised as one of the best forms of therapy for the disabled from the sensation of floating in water for the most severely disabled to actually learning to swim for the more able. Also movement of the body gives a sense of freedom for . Adapted swimming athletes are classified according to how their disability affects them when practicing a particular swimming style. The categories of S1 to S10 are for swimmers with a physical disability, cerebral palsy being S1 for a greater severity and S10 for the less affected.

Official IPC calendar of upcoming Para Swimming competitions and events, Search for past, current and upcoming events for World Para Swimming, including World Championships, regional championships and World Series. MAIN EVENTS. Submitted by Rafael on Fri, 08/01/ - . Fewer than half of USMS member compete in meets or open water events, but for many who do, competition is the heart and soul of USMS. There are more than local and regional competitions for adult swimmers around the country each year. These include pool meets, postal meets, and open water swims. Search the Calendar of Events to find upcoming meets and open water swims Search .