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Caregiver communication cards cue adults with dementia to participate in their care Caregiver Cue Cards on rings provide essential visual cues that improve communication, promote independence and reduce anxiety for adults with memory and cognitive. These cards will be sent directly to you for you to fill out and send on your own. Each order will include blank envelopes for each card in your order! The cost of shipping is dependent on how many cards are ordered. View shipping costs below.

Apr 21,  · Our adults flashcard set are meant to test you guys on the differences and challenges that adult life may bring, as well as understanding that in some ways growing up is really no different when it comes to figuring things out. One fact of growing up is that your health can become much more important than when you were a kid. I need the 25 free sets of ESL flashcards for adult learners and the worksheets for them. I will soon be starting an adult learners’ class in Manistique, Mi and the flashcards and adult learners’ work sheets would be very helpful. How do I go about ordering and/or receiving them?

Sep 22,  · Welcome to our adult learning flashcards set, where you'll be tested on how some adults approach these topics and learn them later in life. The reasons for this can vary: some do it to keep their wits sharp, some to improve their resume, and some because they simply have a love of learning. Four variations: picture cards, number cards, bears with numbers, and word cards. Wellness Flashcards. out of 5. 18 cards with advice and tips for calming down. COVID Hygiene Flashcards. out of 5. 9 simple flashcards to teach hygiene in the context of COVID Wash your hands! Wear a mask!

Sinusitis, Acute Best Practice Flash Card - Adult; Strep Throat Best Practice Flash Card - Adult; Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Flash Card - Adult; Suicide Prevention: CLINIC flash card; Suicide Prevention: EMERGENCY DEPT flash card; Suicide Prevention: INPATIENT flash card; Teach-back; Total Joint Replacement Surgery: Discharge Planning; UTI. Our adult eCards are racy and slightly dirty, but also high brow. Designed by Threadless and other top designers, each card can be customized with your own message or image, and then sent for free via Facebook or email. For more good natured fun, we have silly and crazy eCards as .