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The Athletic Department will offer an Adult Coed Double Elimination Kickball Tournament for Fall Registration: Sign up online September 23 to October 7, or whenever tournament slots are filled Cost: $ per team Game Location: Carolyn Allen Park, Drawbridge Parkway, Greensboro, NC Adult Kickball League in Tacoma. Social and Recreational Sports for Adults This sport is all about FUN! We encourage ridiculous team outfits, cheering sections and friendly rivalries.

Join a league! We offers multiple adult athletic leagues of varying skill levels in a structured and fun setting at competitive prices. Current sports include men's and coed softball, men's flag football, men's 18+ and 40+ basketball, kickball, and indoor coed volleyball with several divisions offered on multiple nights. Kickball is the same great game you would play at recess back in elementary school. The objective of the game is to outscore your opponent within the allotted time. Kickball is an extremely simple game to jump in and play without any kind of experience. Our Detroit kickball leagues typically run in the summer, but if weather permits it they.

Come join the more than adults playing kickball with us every season. Each week is filled with costume contests, drinking games, and lots of laughs. Kickball is more than just a youth playground game, with numerous adult social leagues around the country. The fun and accessible nature of Kickball makes it a great sport for anyone, and a great way to relieve stress after a long work week.

Anyone can play kickball. Adult leagues are a great way to bring friends together and make new ones. Over the years adult kickball has grown to be an international past time. Kickball is the perfect blend of socializing, fun, and competition while remaining accessible to all. ClubWaka offers kickball and a wide range of others sports and activities that are fun for everyone. To learn about leagues, games, rules and more, please click on an icon below relating to your favorite activity!