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What to Look for in a Board Game for Adults Strategy Many board games for adults have more sophisticated rules, but that doesn’t mean they’re hard to understand — most of the options on our list are still easy to learn. To challenge your friends and family, look for a game that’ll test your logic and strategy skills. The game that introduced many Americans to European-style strategy games rebranded from The Settlers of Catan in with a new look and updated rulebook. If .

Fun fact: the strategy game genre was first invented back in , when Winston Churchill looked out an aeroplane window over France and thought, “Hey, this would make a . Paradox's long-running, flagship strategy romp is the ultimate grand strategy game, putting you in charge of a nation from the end of the Middle Ages all .

Test your strategy skills by playing fun games like Spellbound, Mahjongg, or Sudoku and see if you can make it to the AARP game leaderboard. Find Strategy NSFW games like SurVive!(+18), 69 Days After, Nai's Training Diary (NSFW 18+), Tentacles Thrive (NSFW), Hellscape on, the indie game hosting marketplace.

Compelling themes, smart mechanics, comprehensive rules — there are so many factors that need to come together before a game can qualify as one of the best strategy board games . Strategy Games are the true test of a gamers intellect. For players who want to rule games online, AddictingGames gives you Strategy games. Whether it's tower defense games, tycoon, or war games - if you're in it for the long haul, we have what you are looking for!