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The Robert Deniro Page () Stay updated on what Robert Deniro was doing 14 years ago. 9. CNN collected all of its coverage in this web portal. Welcome to Netscape (). The Weird Site: A classy collection of weird sites and news: Send A Turd: Send that special someone a free virtual turd. If that's not good enough, SEND A REAL ONE!! Stare Down Sally: See if you can win this staring contest (and yes, you can). Let others at the office try, too. Weird NJ.

Top 10 Weird Websites. Let me first start with some of the top 10 weirdest websites on the Internet. Staggering Beauty; When you open this web page, you will see a single animated wiggly worm. You’ll be instructed to “shake vigorously” meaning to shuffle/move your mouse around the screen. And then see what happens, we will not say what. If you’re looking for pointless, weird and irrelevant websites, then be prepared to have your mind blown with this unruly bunch. I’m here to bring you to the world’s most useless websites. The internet really is a wonderful place. It caters for all our curiosities, interests and hunger for knowledge.

Spent hours having a blast with these. Here are some more. the weird wide web,,the most weird web sites,,the weird and wonderful. I guess if you just google weird web sites it will bring you to pretty much anything weird. I also go to the bottom of the page as there is more suggestions there. To warm up, take a look at these unfortunate names of random websites. So many of the domain creators failed their task of double-checking that now we are fully equipped for a list of funny websites below. 1. IT Scrap. 2. Who Represents? 3. Pen Island. 4. Experts Exchange. 5.

YouTube is clearly the most popular video sharing site on the web. But limits on video length, DMCA takedown notices and billion dollar lawsuits have damaged YouTube’s ability to facilitate. The Useless Web Button take me somewhere useless. The Useless Web because some websites, we just couldn't do without - By Tim Holman - Read About The Sites - submit your own.