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Nov 29,  · Many factors contribute to the success of Adults with mental retardation. They include self-determination, community resources, and social adaptation. As they go through school and therapy, they are often preparing for life after school. Once they get to the point of adult standing, they need to be able to make decisions, enquire on needs, and. Oct 25,  · Mentally challenged is a broad term for adults who suffer from developmental disabilities that impair their cognitive functioning and behavior, such as autism, dementia or cerebral palsy, to name a few examples.

The Arc promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Case Study Charles: An Adult with Developmental Disabilities. Charles has mental retardation as a result of brain damage suffered during birth. When I met him he was living in a group home and had been there since being released from the state institution for persons with mental retardation years before.

Jan 01,  · Quality assurance for adults with mental retardation and mental health needs. In N. Bouras et al. (Eds.), Mental health in mental retardation: Recent advances and practices (pp. ). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Univ. Press. Gravestock, S., & McGauley, G. (). Connecting confusions with painful realities: Group analytic psychotherapy for Cited by: Mental Disorders - Adult. Section. Category of Impairments, Mental Neurocognitive disorders Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders Depressive, bipolar and related disorders or historically used terms such as “mental retardation.”.

May 20,  · Mental Retardation refers to the lack of mental ability or the skills to perform the day-to-day living. It is known as intellectual disability. It makes a person have below-average intelligence. Therefore, it indicates the lack of mental ability to adapt quickly to a situation or circumstances.