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Treatment for adults with spina bifida varies greatly from that of children. The number of adults living with spina bifida increases almost daily; however, many clinics do not offer specialized treatment beyond pediatrics. As adults with spina bifida age, they encounter the typical effects of aging at a different and more rapid rate. The number of adults with Spina Bifida continues to grow. About half of people living with Spina Bifida in the United States are adults. For many years, the medical community has focused on providing care for children and offers many children’s clinics throughout the country.

Children and adults living with spina bifida may have limited feeling in some areas of their body, leaving them unable to feel cuts, bruises, sores, and dry skin. Since a person with spina bifida may not know they have been hurt, they may be unable to tell a parent or caregiver that they need help. This section of the website provides information about living with spina bifida at different ages. Meeting the complex needs of a person affected by spina bifida involves the whole family and can be challenging at times. Finding resources, knowing what to expect, and planning for the future can help.