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alex mercer cole mcgrath adult fanfiction - PORNFIDELITY Kit Mercer Cures Her Boredom with Hard Fucking

AN: this is my second attempt at a long term cross over story, but this time it’s with Cole and Nathan instead of Alex and Altair. WARNING: contains spoilers for Infamous 1 and some of 2 and all 3 Uncharted games, eventual blood and gore, . Alex Mercer vs Cole McGrath. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. KMC Forums > Movie Genres > Foreign Cinema > Alex Mercer vs Cole McGrath. And regarding you two and the fanfic. Its a fanfic. But then again I'm also working on a snippet. An original one.

FanFiction | unleash I am planning to see if I can do a proper take on Alex Mercer vs Cole McGrath though. I'm only familiar with Good Cole so far since I haven't finished Infamous 2 yet and am only playing Good Karma right now, but based on what I've seen so far Cole isn't powerful enough to beat Alex unless we use The Beast since he took. Just with Alex Mercer in it; Summary. Three years after Manhattan, the Ray Sphere explodes in Empire City. Cole wakes up exhibiting strange powers, and he has to find a way to figure out how to survive when everybody suddenly wants his head. And then there is that guy with the claws too. Life suddenly got a whole lot more stressful. Also on

Lightning, Blood, and Steel by Apocalyptian Scribe reviews In one universe, Cole Macgrath activates the RFI to end the lives of all conduits on Earth. In another universe, Alex Mercer saves New York city from a nuclear payload. In their last moments, both men find themselves on a one-way trip to absolutely nowhere. Among the invaders is Alex Mercer, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, watching as the virus goes to different hosts. But suddenly, a truck explodes with electricity, which blasts the infected humans a few feet away, and Cole Macgrath jumps down with an electrical shock wave causing them to explode upon hitting the ground.

Alex Mercer (5) Include Relationships Zeke Dunbar/Cole MacGrath (10) Nathan Drake/Cole MacGrath (6) Kaidan Alenko/Male Shepard (4) Zeke Dunbar & Cole MacGrath (4) Trish Dailey/Cole MacGrath (4) Lucy Kuo/Cole MacGrath (4) Male Hawke (Dragon Age)/Kurtis Stryker (3) Original Female Character/Original Male Character (2). Cole Mcgrath, the Demon of Empire City. Funny, Cole should have been called Zues and he should have been the Demon of Manhattan. Cole was a legend that not many knew well. Yes he was called a demon, but a few people Alex consumed had actually been saved by him before, somehow with the power of electricity he was able to heal the wounded.