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Jan 19,  · The Plebeians attended to the religious festivals too. A festival a lot of the Plebeians attended to was Feralia, which was held on February, The festival was remembering their dead ancestors. The Plebeians and others brought offerings to their tombs including wreaths and bread soaked in wine. There they sprinkled grain, salt, and violet. Jan 03,  · Unlike the patricians, the origin of the plebeian class was not recorded by the ancient authors. This is unsurprising, since the plebeians were not part of Rome’s ruling elite but were members of the general citizenry. The plebeians enjoyed far less privileges than the patricians and eventually sought to change the status quo.

On formal occasions, adult male citizens could wear a woolen toga, draped over their tunic, and married citizen women wore a woolen mantle, known as a palla, over a stola, a simple, long-sleeved, voluminous garment that hung to midstep. Clothing, footwear and accoutrements identified gender, . The plebeian group included everyone in ancient Rome (except for the nobility, the patricians) from well-to-do tradesmen all the way down to the very poor.

The plebeians comprised the majority of Roman xgeisha.xyzgh patricians are often represented as rich and powerful families who managed to secure power over the less-fortunate plebeian families, plebeians and patricians among the senatorial class were often equally wealthy. As civil rights for plebeians increased during the middle and late Roman Republic, many plebeian families had . Roman citizens were divided up into two distinct classes: the plebeians and the patricians. The patricians were the wealthy upper class people. Everyone else was considered a plebeian.

Plebeians were the working class of Ancient Rome. They typically lived in three-or-four story apartment houses called insulae. The insulae were often crowded where two families would have to share a single room. There were no bathrooms in the apartments, so a pot was often used.