Diaper Milking - bariatric adult swim diapers


bariatric adult swim diapers - Diaper Milking

Swim-sters special needs, reusable swimming diapers are perfect for anyone who requires a diaper while swimming. Our reusable swimming diapers are a perfect solution for individuals that experience bowel incontinence because they are designed for discreet wear under a bathing suit while preventing harmful bacteria from entering the water. Regular diapers are not required when wearing these reusable swim diapers. Made from an absorbent terry lining with a snug, watertight poly outer shell. Theraquatics Swim Diapers have an elasticized leg and waist. The full-seated style of the Theraquatics Swim Diaper offers discrete and secure protection against heavier urinary and bowel leakages.

For adult diapers to be considered bariatric, they will usually have a minimum waist capacity of about 64”. At AvaCare Medical, we carry a full range of extra large diapers for adults, with standard big diapers for adults ranging from large to extra large and bariatric sizes of 2X, 3X, 4X, and even 5X (which fits a waist size of up to ”). Bariatric diapers are for plus-size adults who deal with incontinence. They are designed to fit larger waist sizes comfortably and to provide maximum absorbency to allow greater mobility and dignity. LL Medico provides plus-size adult diapers and adult briefs and underwear for men and women.