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colorado risk assessment for adult offenders - QUARANTINE HOME OFFICE (THE BOSS ANALLY PUNISHES THE OFFEND)

This study documents the development of an adult sex offender risk assessment tool. A sample of sex offenders were followed for an average of 30 months. A risk scale was developed based upon criminal and therapeutic outcomes. The final risk scale included prior juvenile felony convictions, prior . "Practitioners use risk assessment information to inform decisions at various points in the criminal justice system. The Primer is written for judges, policy makers, and other practitioners interested in the use of RNA [risk and needs assessment] information at sentencing for the purpose of informing community corrections related decisions regarding management and reduction of offender.

Once a sex offender has entered a plea or has been convicted, the offender must undergo a sex offense-specific evaluation, which includes an evaluation for treatment, an evaluation for risk, and procedures required for monitoring of behavior to protect victims and potential victims. Examination of the adult SOA (substance abuse assessment) process, and the development and evaluation of a new substance abuse assessment tool are underway. Colorado Probation is collaborating with the Division of Criminal Justice to pilot a juvenile risk assessment for sexually abusive youth (CCMI-SAY).

An offender's score on the Sex Offender Risk Scale (SORS) is one of four criteria identified by the state Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) to be included in the recommendation to the court regarding the SVP designation for offenders whose crime qualifies for possible SVP status, per Colorado Revised Statute (1). In response to specific legislative mandates, the Office of Research and Statistics develops and maintains specific risk assessments and decision guidelines. The links below provide access to: Colorado Actuarial Risk Assessment Scale (CARAS) - Colorado State Board of Parole Administrative Release Guideline Instrument (PBRGI).

OFFICE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & SEX OFFENDER MANAGEMENT STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES FOR THE ASSESSMENT, EVALUATION, TREATMENT AND BEHAVIORAL MONITORING OF ADULT SEX OFFENDERS Colorado Department of Public Safety Division of Criminal Justice Office of Domestic Violence & Sex Offender Management Kipling Street, Suite Denver, CO File Size: 2MB. Colorado risk assessments are managed by the Colorado Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ), Office of Research & Statistics (ORS). Sex offender risk assessments developed by the ORS are approved by the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) which is also housed under the DCJ.