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comic for adult - 3D Comic: Clara Ravens. Episode 1

The best comics for adult 1) The Walking Dead (Image Comics) Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse epic is notable not only for inspiring the most successful comic book TV . 1. Rick & Morty. Few adult cartoons have straddled multiple demographics and captured the modern zeitgeist like this one here. With the universe literally at their disposal, an alcoholic genius named Rick and his grandson Morty traverse time and space to consistently hilarious effect.

Cartoon pornogra. The title of Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski’s Image Comics series is a little misleading. Sure, there are graphic depictions of intercourse aplenty in Sex, but the real tale examines the retirement of a former costumed vigilante in the mold of Batman and his struggle to adapt to civilian life. Casey and Kowalski present their audience with a story of obsession and interminable repression as.

The pop-culture juggernaut that led TV ratings for years began life as one of the best comics for adults, kicking off in and only concluding its epic run mid Presented in black, white and grey tones, across issues, The Walking Dead follows Rick Grimes, a small-town sheriff who leads a group of survivors in search of a sanctuary as an epidemic causes the dead to .